Friday 23 February 2018

Rm 11's Flood Experiments

In Rm 11 we have been learning about Cyclone Gita. We wanted to know why the houses in Samoa and Tonga were destroyed easier then they were here in New Zealand. Here is our Samoan and Tongan experiment with intense rain and houses with no fountain and low ground.  
Temauria, Tron, Zildjian & James
Frank, Sharleen, Lupe, Cadence and Hopo

Tame, Victoria, William, Phenyx and Georgina
Lavinia, Finau and Solomon
Ina, Cyrus, Makiri and Jewel

First we had to plan our design
Then we had to make our design with
soil and monopoly houses

 Here is a video of one experiment!

 Next time we are going to make fountains for our houses like here in New Zealand and put in river banks and other protection.

By Rm 11

Monday 5 February 2018