Monday 22 October 2018

Room 10 egg challenge

Room 10 were given the challenge of designing protection for an egg so it could be dropped from a 2 metre height without cracking...but we could only use 4 pieces of paper and 8 bits of cellotape. Only 2 students were successful but we had a lot of fun! 

Monday 15 October 2018

Room 13 - Making Playdough

Room 13 decided to make some new play dough.
Here is the recipe we followed:


Romes, Vaipeka and Tristan mixed extra flour into the dough because it was too sticky.

Daerue, Bellamaya and Ale wore plastic gloves so the food colouring didn't stain their hands.

Once our play dough was all soft and squishy, we all made cookies, people and critters.
We have put our new play dough into plastic bags so it stays soft.