Thursday 29 March 2018

Room's 8 and 10 have been learning about "Algorithms" ie: complete tasks by following a set of 

rules, instructions or directions. In order for us to better understand computer algorithms we decided 

to go out and do some orienteering exercises. This turned out to be so much of fun and we learnt a 

lot about giving correct and clear instructions in order to achieve our tasks.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Room 8's Chicken Art

Room 8 

The students in Room 8 have been working diligently to create their chicken art. The chickens are 

looking amazing. Each student has used a simile to describe their chickens. The inspiration for the 

art has come from Jill Eggleton's shared book: Chicken Food. We first sketched the chickens  then 

painted them. We had lots of fun creating the chickens and the students in Room 8 are very proud of 

their chicken art.

As part of our space exploration inquiry the students in Room 8 have also been busy creating space rockets. This is a sneak preview. We are not quiet finished. Watch this space!

Sad news in Room 13!

Room 13's Amphibian Report

Room 13's tadpoles are growing fast! 

Some of our tadpoles have arms and legs and they are now called FROGLETS.

But something terrible happened over the weekend! 

One of our tiny frogs jumped out of the tank and died!

He is now all shrivelled up!! 

We will put our other frogs in the billabong by the gardens.

We all know what a billabong is - DO YOU?

Do you know what an amphibian is! WE DO!

Can you guess which one is dead and which one is alive?

Thursday 15 March 2018

Room 13 and the Easter Egg Hunt

Room 13 tested Easter eggs and bunnies to find out how much sugar was in them.  They measured sugar into small bags for their display.  We all got a big surprise!

The purple Easter egg had nearly 6 spoons of sugar.

The marshmallow eggs had 3 and a half spoons of sugar each - so there was 21 teaspoons in the packet.

A small chocolate bunny had 5 teaspoons of sugar.

The large bunny had 21 and a half teaspoons of sugar!