Tuesday 20 March 2018

Room 8's Chicken Art

Room 8 

The students in Room 8 have been working diligently to create their chicken art. The chickens are 

looking amazing. Each student has used a simile to describe their chickens. The inspiration for the 

art has come from Jill Eggleton's shared book: Chicken Food. We first sketched the chickens  then 

painted them. We had lots of fun creating the chickens and the students in Room 8 are very proud of 

their chicken art.

As part of our space exploration inquiry the students in Room 8 have also been busy creating space rockets. This is a sneak preview. We are not quiet finished. Watch this space!


  1. Fantastic rockets Room 8 AND wonderful chickens. We are all looking forward to ur trip to STARDOME!

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  3. Some amazing rockets and chickens!
    I wish I was there too.
    I wish if I can make me one as well as your's
    By Simone Room 18

    1. Hi Room 8 those are some amazing rockets if it was real we should take trip to the moon

  4. Your art work is fantastic Room 8. Chickens of all shapes and sizes. What a lovely classroom environment you are creating. Well done.

  5. Your art work looks lovely and some great similes. Many of you have put a lot of effort into making space ships.They look AWESOME. I have also seen the inquiry you are doing.Some very thoughtful questions being asked.

  6. Your classroom looks fabulous! I wonder how many eggs chickens can lay in a day?