Tuesday 15 May 2018

Rm 11's New Maths Tubs!!!

This term we have new maths activities in our tubs for when we finish our given maths activity. Here is us learning how to use each one!!! 

Here we are working on our place value of 3 digit
numbers and ordering them from biggest to smallest
once we are finished.

Here we are working with fractions - making whole fractions
working out what fractions can make a whole.

Here we are working on our multiplication.
students have to solve the problem on the block
before putting it back on top. If they get it wrong
they have to take another one!
This is a time station - we have been working hard
telling the time these past few weeks! we are pretty good!
If you get the flashcard correct then you get to hold on to
it and the person with the most wins! 

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