Tuesday 20 March 2018

Sad news in Room 13!

Room 13's Amphibian Report

Room 13's tadpoles are growing fast! 

Some of our tadpoles have arms and legs and they are now called FROGLETS.

But something terrible happened over the weekend! 

One of our tiny frogs jumped out of the tank and died!

He is now all shrivelled up!! 

We will put our other frogs in the billabong by the gardens.

We all know what a billabong is - DO YOU?

Do you know what an amphibian is! WE DO!

Can you guess which one is dead and which one is alive?


  1. What sad news Rm 13! I know how much you have been working to keep them alive.

  2. Thanks Miss E. When we put our two frogs in the billabong, we saw three large green frogs sitting on a lily pad! Maybe Room 11 would like to sneak in and see them sometime?

  3. Very sad news Room 13. Your billabong art will be a great reminder of happier times with your frogs.

  4. Oh dear Room 13... I was so sad to read that one of your frogs had died. Maybe someone from your class could help me spot the frogs that have been released into the billabong?